A documentary project by Gustavo Fernández

Associate Producer

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Fabián has been in a civil reincorporation process for two years and a half. He visits Fragments, an ‘anti monument’ in Bogotá, a symbolic space whose floor is made out of molten weapons that belonged to all the former FARC-EP combatants. There, he stops and thinks about the contribution of his weapon and remembers his sister, who died at 18 in the guerrilla. These scars are part of the emotional and physical traces that are also present in other former combatants’ memories, such as Janeth, William and David who, from the beginning of 2017, arrived to Antonio Nariño citadel in Icononzo (Tolima, Colombia) as part of the peace agreement with the government. Only Janeth still lives there, but they all still stick to the agreement and look for different ways of sustenance. Through their life stories, we are told about their peasant origins and having been raised in the middle of material and educational lacks. They receive the echoes of the ‘common people’s’ mobilization in the cities that made it possible to sign the final peace agreement. Three years later, they still cry out against the assassination of popular leaders and former combatants.