What motivates us?


After October 2nd 2016, when a plebiscite denied the approving of the agreement signed a month earlier in La Habana between the government and the FARC-EP, thousands of people went out to the streets of Bogotá and many cities in the country in order to demand the right to peace. We witnessed how this mobilization, led by youngsters and alongside the political negotiation, concluded with the signature of a new peace agreement 45 days later. Thus, a tradition of ending social conflicts through violence was subverted.

With the first steps of the Agreement’s implementation, the door to reincorporating more than 10 thousand former combatants of the FARC was opened. This was the seed of the other part of this film. According to our filmer spirit, which guided us through the city, we wanted to get to know what began to happen in the rural zones called ‘zonas veredales’, the citadels that gathered the former guerrilleros for their reincorporation to civil life. This fascinating chore has taken place in the last two years and has allowed us to listen to their life stories, see their daily life practices, their symbolic references and attend their interesting socio-political processes from the depths of farian community.